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undercurrent is..

the space beneath the noise. It's the river of creativity, inspiration, and connection to the natural world and to each other that runs through us all. 

I understand the importance of tiny rituals that connect us to that space. For me, adorning myself in beautiful jewelry serves as one of those rituals.


Putting on a pair of big earrings, a gold bangle, or my mothers ring is a moment to pause, to be intentional, to feel like "OK. Yes. Here I am." I'm more in touch with my spirit, my essence, as I move into the day with purpose. 

In that vein, every piece of Undercurrent jewelry comes with an intention card- a prompt to draw forth the magic within you. Your jewelry becomes a symbol, a meaningful ritual, every time you put it on.  


Undercurrent jewelry is crafted or cast by hand, and made slowly with care in my East Nashville studio. For many pieces in the collection, I utilize an acid etching process to imprint my original designs (often hand drawn) onto brass, making each item unique and one of a kind.  




Your purchase contributes to something larger. 1-3% of quarterly sales are donated to the empowerment of and distribution of resources to marginalized groups, specifically black communities, and I frequently use revenue to to make one time donations to urgent causes.

My packaging is completely re-usable and recyclable, and I'm working to make my process as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Getting to do the type of work I do is a huge privilege, and my intention is to create a container for connection, beauty and generosity while making a positive impact on the world around me. Thank you for supporting this mission!

the process


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