I've spent the past few years observing and learning about cycles. The change of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, my own internal rhythms and patterns. I've tuned into the changing energies within and around, and aligning myself with the fluidity of nature continues to be a powerful tool to find balance, acceptance and peace. 

Peace, most of all. 

Peace, because I usually cling to situations and beliefs that no longer serve me for much longer than I should.  Because they feel safe. It can be scary to let go, am I right?  But I feel peace, and trust, when I remember the lessons of the world around me. 

We are shown, in this transition from summer to autumn especially, how to let go with grace, and how letting go always leads to a new cycle of growth. 

Autumn turns to the quiet of winter, which leads to the new growth of spring, and the abundance of energy in the summer, and then we do it all again. The letting go is necessary for us to re-align so that we can manifest and move forward with intention. It is necessary to clear space so that our hearts and hands are open to receive what is waiting for us in the next season. 

So when I find myself gripping with white knuckles, afraid to let go, afraid to slow down, I remember this. I allow myself to trust the process of release. 

Make this a season of coming home to yourself. 

Slow down and connect to intention. Root yourself in what you want to grow. Nourish yourself with your food, your relationships. Rest More.  Let go.

Fill in the blank:

I release ____________________ in order to come home to myself

I'm writing to you from my backyard with the warmth on my skin, green and flowers blooming around me, the sound of cicadas buzzing in the air. In this season of the sun, abundance is everywhere. The earth is FULL . And so am I, and so are you. 

" When the sun is shining bright it allows us to experience a life divinely lived." (from Many Moons

This collection came from work that I've been doing to cultivate a sense of fullness, which by definition means "missing nothing."

It came from a desire I have to turn my attention to what is abundant within me and around me. It was conjured as a celebration of the fire of the sun and the magnifying energy of the full moon, the extra light and vitality in the air. 

I've noticed recently that I have a tendency to focus on whats missing, what I perceive to be lacking, or the negative. Anyone else? I don't think I'm alone in this. As human beings, we are programmed to look for lack. We are constantly searching for what we think will make us feel full, brimming, and beautiful.

But, when I stop to think about it, when I am mindful enough to shift my focus, I realized how abundance there is, within and around me.  

. Take a deep breath. Shift your focus.

What is full, brimming, and beautiful within you? Maybe it's an overflow of love for the people in your life.   Maybe your creativity is flowing, Maybe you are tending to your plants, or your children, or your animals,  and your care is helping them to thrive.  Maybe you are connected to a sense of discipline to meet a goal.  Maybe you feel rested and nourished, or energized and excited.  Whatever it is, it's worth focusing on and building upon.

I am so grateful for your encouragement, your feedback, your purchases, your interest, the work that YOU are doing to be a mindful and aware human being. I've always had a little creative fire burning in my center, and you are helping me to fuel it. The truth is that we can't do anything alone, so thank you for working with me to bring something beautiful into the world.  Your pieces have a lot of positive energy infused into them. They are created in my bright little studio space, with fresh air blowing in, incense burning, Ray LaMontagne or a podcast in my ears (I'm digging on Embodied Astrology  and Moonwise right now), and alchemy flowing through my hands.  As much as I would like to make it seem like this is all about light and flowing creativity and positive affirmation, the truth is that the process is also frustrating. The truth is that I get overwhelmed with feelings of doubt and that I think about quitting when things aren't flowing. These feelings are oh-so-familiar because they are rooted in a deep down belief that I'm not worthy and I've been dealing them with the better half of my life.

And I know now that the root problem will continue to present itself in different ways, shapes, and forms until we stare it down, look it in the eyes, and say I choose not to believe you anymore.  In the past this belief and the feelings that come with it have led to a lot of self-sabotage and walking away and shame.  But, I am actively writing a new story for myself. When these things come up, I see them as an opportunity to grow.  I see them as an opportunity to choose to believe differently. And to just keep fucking going.  

We are all driven by internal beliefs and stories...some that serve us, many that don't. If something keeps coming up for you, I whole-heartedly believe that it's worth it to look in and figure out why. The universe will always give you the situations and people that you need to become more aware. 

Be brave and trust that you have the ability to create new patterns and grooves and to break cycles that keep you stuck. 


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