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I'm writing to you from my backyard with the warmth on my skin, green and flowers blooming around me, the sound of cicadas buzzing in the air. In this season of the sun, abundance is everywhere. The earth is FULL . And so am I, and so are you. 

" When the sun is shining bright it allows us to experience a life divinely lived." (from Many Moons

This collection came from work that I've been doing to cultivate a sense of fullness, which by definition means "missing nothing."

It came from a desire I have to turn my attention to what is abundant within me and around me. It was conjured as a celebration of the fire of the sun and the magnifying energy of the full moon, the extra light and vitality in the air. 

I've noticed recently that I have a tendency to focus on whats missing, what I perceive to be lacking, or the negative. Anyone else? I don't think I'm alone in this. As human beings, we are programmed to look for lack. We are constantly searching for what we think will make us feel full, brimming, and beautiful.

But, when I stop to think about it, when I am mindful enough to shift my focus, I realized how abundance there is, within and around me.  

. Take a deep breath. Shift your focus.

What is full, brimming, and beautiful within you? Maybe it's an overflow of love for the people in your life.   Maybe your creativity is flowing, Maybe you are tending to your plants, or your children, or your animals,  and your care is helping them to thrive.  Maybe you are connected to a sense of discipline to meet a goal.  Maybe you feel rested and nourished, or energized and excited.  Whatever it is, it's worth focusing on and building upon.

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