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I've spent the past few years observing and learning about cycles. The change of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, my own internal rhythms and patterns. I've tuned into the changing energies within and around, and aligning myself with the fluidity of nature continues to be a powerful tool to find balance, acceptance and peace. 

Peace, most of all. 

Peace, because I usually cling to situations and beliefs that no longer serve me for much longer than I should.  Because they feel safe. It can be scary to let go, am I right?  But I feel peace, and trust, when I remember the lessons of the world around me. 

We are shown, in this transition from summer to autumn especially, how to let go with grace, and how letting go always leads to a new cycle of growth. 

Autumn turns to the quiet of winter, which leads to the new growth of spring, and the abundance of energy in the summer, and then we do it all again. The letting go is necessary for us to re-align so that we can manifest and move forward with intention. It is necessary to clear space so that our hearts and hands are open to receive what is waiting for us in the next season. 

So when I find myself gripping with white knuckles, afraid to let go, afraid to slow down, I remember this. I allow myself to trust the process of release. 

Make this a season of coming home to yourself. 

Slow down and connect to intention. Root yourself in what you want to grow. Nourish yourself with your food, your relationships. Rest More.  Let go.

Fill in the blank:

I release ____________________ in order to come home to myself

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