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Fully Human

Somehow, in the midst of upheaval, in this time of collective grief and life as we know it being burned to the ground….I found myself making a collection inspired by new horizons, healing and a celebration of inner resources.

Somehow, each day I experience feelings of loss, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown. And each day I experience feelings of contentment, creativity, and definite joy.

As human beings, we have the ability to exist and feel on a broad spectrum. We are made up of, and able to hold space for, seemingly opposite ideas and energies.

Those seemingly opposing forces are what make us whole. When we integrate the light and the dark, we get a glimpse of the scope of our human-ness.

We can experience death, and simultaneously, re-birth.

We can move through frustration, and also access gratitude.

We can see our outer worlds shift and change, only to get more familiar with the tools we have within.

We have the capacity for a vast and rich experience, if we allow ourselves to feel fully. And when we allow ourselves to feel fully, we strengthen our connection to everyone and everything.

We remember our relationship to the forces that move life on this planet.

Do you allow yourself to experience completely? Just as joy and inspiration can teach us what to move towards, anger and fear can teach us about our boundaries, our values, the depth of our care, and inform a vision of the world we want to see.

In this way, your capacity to sit in comfort AND discomfort becomes a tool, a building block in creating an aligned life.

What are you experiencing right now? Is there room for you to soften into whatever is arising for you at this time?

It's a beautiful thing to be fully human, to allow ourselves to experience it all. This is your magic. This is wholeness, and it deserves to be celebrated.

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