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I hope that your hearts and spirits are stirring as we enter spring. Are you tuned into the process of emerging from the inward energy of winter? I've spent the past season creating a new collection, a new website, and deepening my connection to vision. In a way, this has been very underground work: quiet, slow, thoughtful. 

And now, as the season shifts, I'm excited to see the seeds that I've been planting take root and sprout above the ground....

The name "undercurrent" has been with me for a while. I wasn't sure how it would manifest, only that I wanted to celebrate the flow that I step into when I allow myself to slow down.

Intuition, inspiration, interconnection, love, creativity, name it ...... are part of a stream, an undercurrent, that is always present, moving at its steady pace beneath the noise.  Sometimes this stream is easy to drop into. Sometimes we have to cut through weeds, wade through the mud and muck to to get to the river. Slowing down and creating space to connect can be work. 

But no matter what we have to do to arrive, it's always there. 

How do you access this flow?

 Is it through journaling, meditation, yoga? 

Spending time in nature? 

Maybe even just a deep breath? 

Can you find some space this week? Space from the noise, from the hamster wheel, from the million things that you will always have to do. Create time for a tiny ritual to connect to your own energy. 

Above all else, truth lies in the undercurrent. It's a source for our purest intentions. It's a space beyond "should" and all of the mis-guided decisions that are informed by that word. It's a space of alignment with our hearts and our inner guidance system. 

As we move into this new season, nourish the seeds of intention and creation that come from this space, from the deep current that runs through you.

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