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inspired by cycles, seasons, and the energies that move us

each piece is a connection to
intention and magic,
and is made with care

“Wearing Undercurrent jewelry means more to me than just dressing up for the day. I love the many pieces I’ve collected so far and they go with everything! But, knowing they were crafted with intention and in a slow process makes them feel more special. I’ve visited Stacey’s studio and been able to observe her creative process, and see how much time and loving energy goes into her work. It’s amazing!  -Sara W. 

I get compliments on all my Undercurrent pieces. But when I need a lift and give myself strength, I wear my flight earrings. The intention and strength in them I feel every time I wear them. The basket hoops take a typical classic gold hoop and add such grace, beauty, and interest. It is worth waiting for new designs, because each piece is special and the wearer feels it. - Ellie H. 

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